Suggestion: Update Interface Skin at Logon and loading

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Suggestion: Update Interface Skin at Logon and loading

Postby XplicitSlayer on Fri Jan 09, 2009 7:43 am

Dear all,

I am sure that I am not the only one that really hates the loading screen with its growing rainbow and childish background graphic.

First impression are pretty important and if FL are seeking new player, I do not believe that seeing that gives the game its justice nor credibility. Adding better interface would help a lot.

Back in the days ( 1010games and Europe) , the interface was not as bad as this one and I am quite sure that the current interface would have made me switch to Ragnarok or other MMORPG games available back in the time pretty quickly.

Perhaps Lagernet should make a poll about its player base. They are adding a bunch of payment method to make it easier for kids without credit card to play the game, but I am quite sure that the reality is that most gamers are male above 15 years old and Replacing that growing rainbow loader and background would help to this game to attrack new older players. Anyways, it's people above 16 yrs old that have money and could contribute to this game.

This game used to be a lot more awesome with a lot of clans competing against each other over 4 servers above 60% !
Now there is not a lot of people and they had to even abolish advanced working skills for lack of traders that used to provide us with all equipment. I used to go to Goldberg market and buy all my equipment from traders with good stats for cheap since there was a lot of trader competing against each other to sell their goods. now the market is filled with a bunch of crazy expensive equipment acquired by people that bought tokens. I could go and make the equipment myself at the master of quipment guy... but I don't like to make everything myself. Back in the days everyone used to focus on one job and do it well and sell it on market.

Lagernet have a bunch of artist that willingly give their talent free of charge to make this game better and I am quite sure many would give their time to improve that aspect including myself. I am pretty good in photoshop and would gladly give my time to change that damn loader.

Better Marketing seeking older players could help this game. I am not saying abolishing the graphic, but at least let the player choose its skin. This game had a lot more potential than it is now

Tell me what you think.
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Re: Suggestion: Update Interface Skin at Logon and loading

Postby XplicitSlayer on Fri Jan 09, 2009 7:55 am

I know a lot of Graphics interface comes from the original version made in Asia.

They have made their market research and it works well there. I am not judging anyone. every market is different, but I do not believe that the same marketing approach is as effective in North America.

Even the current web site are promoting flash animation that they simply translated from chinesse / mandarin.

Personally, I find it quite annoying to not have a choice to change the skin. I am quite sure that Lagernet could expand their current player base by making it more appealing for older players to play the game.

Maybe I am wrong, but a poll would be nice..
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Re: Suggestion: Update Interface Skin at Logon and loading

Postby Pixel2Pixel on Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:46 am

It' s totaly true, myself I hate the loader and that sound when it is done downloading updates. It's really annoying, sometimes I even shut off the sound not to hear it . A new interface would be nice, I myself can work around photoshop and would contribute with a few ideas if they so wanted. So I vote for having a poll about changing interface/logon screen & loader.
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