LOL @ non-tradable super work dolls

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Re: LOL @ non-tradable super work dolls

Postby DarkKaiser on Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:10 am

l__Jonah__l wrote:
DarkRose wrote:so now...only our slaves can buy these equips?


and then....use the remaining tokens to buy advanced tools...

so my slaves can live happily ever after!


have u tried buying tho? =p maybe u should try first b4 coming here and complain. :) it is tradable (or atleast tradable atm) lol.

That's the information Lager gave us. Why buy it jsut to find out? Oh yea those are bonuses but they're included in the package. they dont even pay attention to these small details. its stated as non-tradable (same as the sp gems) of course ppl would think that its non tradable . whats all this crap 'have u ever tried buying tho?'.. Tell me, u said we always see things negatively. LOL , why dont you take ur own advice and stop seeing things sooo positively? i dont think we're being 'negative'. face it all we're saying are facts. we did not make anything up or whatsoever. oh yea, maybe we should be positive like u . let's all be happy with how lager is now and be grateful about everything. u know what? no . my friend just wasted 250 regems because he couldnt get to +9. so yea. lets be grateful about that too. we love spending money :ugeek: and one last note, u said lager pushed the sales earlier cause alot of people are rushing them for it? how come i dont see them doing anything else? a lot of people are rushing them for other stuff too? well maybe its all money talk. no money , no talk.
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Re: LOL @ non-tradable super work dolls

Postby DuoMaxwell02 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:18 am

i wouldnt make a purchase based on what ifs, if solid information cannot be posted by the company reguarding it then wei has every right to go "wth?"...

The correct information can be the driving home point of sale... in any business you talk your product up with the correct information, because if your information is not correct it can mean if you can afford to pay your employees for their hrs the following week. I think information has always been the key, and with lager keeping everyone in the dark about what they are doing, the playerbase will dwindle to nothing in no time.(and has) its been over a year now and even basic things that came out in other versions havent seen the light of day here. And i know for a fact that money isnt the issue at hand considering the amount some have given into the game server.

l__Jonah__l wrote:
have u tried buying tho? =p maybe u should try first b4 coming here and complain.

"just buy it" , sounds familiar... and its not going to make a sale, especially in an economy thats flailing around wildly across the world, people are watching how they spend their money, and as others have said, the correct information makes the difference... so if lager wants people to spend money, they need to give a good presentation of their product, and overcome objections with solid information by responding to buyers' questions/needs.
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Re: LOL @ non-tradable super work dolls

Postby babyangel7 on Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:00 pm

@ Lvl 75 Dreamlike Set

(1) 20 Reinforcement Gems SP (non-tradable)
(2) 1 Blue Cat Potion
(3) 100,000 coins
(4) 1 Capsule lvl 7
(5) 5 Super Working Doll

Price: 1499 game points (non-tradable)

Well the fairymall didn;t make a typo mistake. Just the forum.
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Re: LOL @ non-tradable super work dolls

Postby DarkRose on Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:38 am

directly from the main website...
Your choices: 5 PLUS Items
1) lv 75 Kung Fu master dreamlike set
2) lv 75 Beast Lord dreamlike set
3) lv 75 Merchant Prince dreamlike set
4) lv 75 Schemer of Darkness dreamlike set
5) lv 75 Architech of Light dreamlike set
6) lv 75 Archmage dreamlike set
7) lv 75 Blade Master dreamlike set
8) lv 75 Sword Sage dreamlike set
9) lv 75 Berserker dreamlike set
1) 20 Reinforcement Gems SP (non-tradable)

2) 1 Blue Cat Potion

3) 100,000 coins

4) 1 Capsule lvl 7

5) 5 Super Working Doll (non-tradable)

hmmz...too many typo
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