Desireable Drops List(help with high level places needed)

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Desireable Drops List(help with high level places needed)

Postby hanniedy on Tue Jul 15, 2008 3:17 pm

I would like to start a list for special items and where u can find em.

pls comment and add info abt special drops u found so i can add to list.

Antidote Ex --- Wiki 1

Armor Upgrade Enamel
--- Wiki 2(bottom right with water robots)

Attribute Pranker --- Grim Witch

Attribute Tuner --- Zharpie Island, Wiki 2(dark/light crocs), Castle Dungeon 2

Bronze Seed --- Lethean 3, Cave of Trials 2

Bank Vip
--- Lethean 1, Cave of Trials 2, Ancient Ruins B3

Capsule 3/4
--- Castle Dungeon 1 (Dark Sword Level/Metal Chest Level)

Combo Ticket --- Wiki Maze 2 dark/light monster place, desert city underground b1, Ancient Ruins B3

Convenient Buyer Card --- Wiki 1

Cool Carpet
--- Cave of Trials 2

Dark Stabilizer
--- Sunshine Forest

Diamond Seed
--- Boulder Island

Earthen Crystal
--- Wiki B1

Fire Crystal
--- Wiki B1

Glass Seed
--- Cave of Trials 2/3, Wiki 2(9x place with water robot), Castle Dungeon 1

Golden Crystal
--- Tanlin Plain

Magic Carpet
--- 30(lethean 2 also)/40/50 dex Cot 2/3

Oblivion Water
--- Cave of Trials 1, Lethean 2 (earth devil)

Pearl Seed --- Boulder Island

Pet Kiss Candy
--- Kirihari Sea 1

Pet Model --- Castle Dungeon 2

Pet Nutrient
--- Castle Dungeon 3 (Dark Bee Level)

Pet Sweetheart Candy
--- Oni Island

--- Dragon Cave, Slime Maze 3, Tutu Island, Thief Lair 3, Wani Island (metal slime, metal ele, metal owl)

Ripple Firework --- Kirihari Sea 1

Saphire Seed
--- Cave of Trials 1

Silver Seed
--- Sleepy Hallow

Smart Carpet
--- Cave of Trials 2

Spiffy Carpet
--- Cave of Trials 2

Steel Seed --- Flower Valley

Store Vip
--- South of Dark Forest

Super Tele Dust
--- Flower Valley

Water Crystal
--- Poppy 1

Weapon Upgrade Enamel
--- Wiki 2(bottom right with water robots)

Thats a start...i will add and arrange differently maybe as ppls give me info and i see if there is much interest.

tks for input so far...some more added.

It seems to be going well ... um perhaps someone knows which castle map drops cap 3 cause i forget.
I confirmed that cap 3 drops in castle dungeon 1 and found glass seed there too but no cap 4 yet. I'm working on confirming all drops and so far i just haven't found tuner/gs in wiki and cap 4.

Really Interested to know drops of those hard places i go for fun / destroy my equips like place with dark kappa that have 30k hp and junk....i never have party to kill easy there tho. Now that there are new exp rules i think that groups with 4 fighters and an aol could kill in these places easy so really hoping for come contributions. :)

tks bb
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