List of Useful Starter / Newbie Pets?

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List of Useful Starter / Newbie Pets?

Postby Milamber on Sun May 11, 2008 8:58 am

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Re: List of Useful Starter / Newbie Pets?

Postby ExorcistLavi on Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:57 pm

Based on my own experience:

- Int Pets [throughout your whole journey]
- Armour/Def Pets [more during mages period up till lvl 5x]
- Meatshield/Punch Bag Pets [during later 5x where mobs at guru hit u like nobody's business and early archmages period and fighting boss]
*i shall ignore pking pets because i don't know how to pk :x

Int Pets

1) Most common and the ever-so reliable Black Sheep!


Pros: It's cheap[cap1] and easy to catch even if you're not a bm (provided min. cha 25 at least). Resetting is cheap. It can learn elemental skills [poison and curse] as well as goodwill, adding luk = help improve dodge. Recommended growth: 4int/lvl
Cons: Almost none, except hp too low though almost every non-con pets suffer from this. And 3 skill slots only.

2) Almost Divine Dark Owl!


Pros: almost exactly like sheep, lvl 1 cap though resetting cost a little more. Can learn elemental skills and goodwill with an extra skill sheep cannot learn: vampirism. Plus, it has 4 skill slots.
Cons: Same as sheep, even though it can vampirism, its low hp makes it almost negligible.

3) Uber Cute Dark Unicorn!


Pros: Pure int, and has 4 skills slots. Most people find it adorable. Can goodwill.
Cons: Cannot learn elemental skills, though it isn't much of a loss. Most people wouldn't send dark elemental pets to combat, except to poison and catch rare pets. Low hp. Cap 2 pet, resetting cost more.

4) For the rich starters who can afford it: Dark Spirit!


Pros: Exactly like dark owl and dark sheep: Pure Int + Elemental Skills + goodwill. Cute? 4 skill slots.
Cons: It's a cap4 pet = $$$! Not to mention, you need to reset it = $$$$$$! Good but, money factor, essentially made for the rich to use xD.

5) Under-rated Worm of the Year Dark Caterpillar!


Pros: Pure Int + Elemental Skills + Goodwill + 4 skill slots. It can learn heal on top of vampirism.
Cons: Kinda ugly. Cap 2 pet = cost slightly more than cap1.

Armour/Defense Pets:
1) No. 1 Choice Pie Aibo!


Pros: so cute! lol. Pure Con, plus it can learn all the absolute defense skills. Heal, Transfer Hp and Sacrifice.
Cons: None. Perhaps 3 skill slots only and level 2 cap + reset = cost a little more.

2) Wood Slug, ewww.

Pros: Pure Con, + can learn Heal and Transfer HP.
Cons: super ugly and gross and... 2 skills slots only. No Sacrifice.

3) Holy Wood Pet: Wood Angel.

Pros: Fusion Of Con + Luk Pet. Less defense and hp but makes up with more dodge. Learn Heal, Transfer HP and Sacrifice (the bermuda triangle). 4 skills slots, plus can learn pushcart.
Cons: Cap4 pet + reset = $$$$$$!

4) A cat can defend? Wood Leopard!


Pros: Pure Con, 4 skills slots. Can learn Heal and Transfer HP and Pushcart and Elemental Skills.
Cons: No Sacrifice skill. Cap3 + reset = cost more den cap2 pets.

5) Monkey can fly? Wood Lemur!


Pros/Cons: Exactly same as Wood Leopard.

6) Kawaii! Wood Pudding.


Pros: Con + Luk, almost like wood angel. 4 skills slots, Heal, Transfer HP , Elemental Skills, Pushcart.
Cons: No Sacrifice. Cap4 pet + reset = $$$$$$$$$!

7) GASP! The one who overpowered aibo: Wood Mushroom!


Pros: Pure Con + Can learn Bermuda Triangle (Heal, Sacrifice, transfer HP) + 4 skills slots + can learn elemental skills. cute! cap 1 pet.
Cons: Haha, it's a rare pet xD.

8) Wood Scarecrow!


Pros: Pure Con + 4 skills slots + Heal + Transfer HP. Cap1 pet.
Cons: Rare pet + other skills not very useful.

9) Earth Slime.


Pros: Free! (if you get it from newbie egg) or Cap1 pet only. Con + Luck Pet (less hp and defense, but adds more dodge). Recommended purely for armour because it can only heal.
Cons: 2 skills slots. Cannot transfer hp and sacrifice.

10) Earth Slug


Pros: Con + Luk. Cap 1 pet. Can heal and transfer hp.
Cons: 2 skills slots. No sacrifice. Ugly.

11) Earth Bomb!


Pros: Bermuda Triangle! Con + Luk.
Cons: Cap3 + reset = more more cap 1 and 2. 3 skills slots only.

12) Earth Angel!


Pros: Con + Luk but luk will be higher than con because angels tend towards luk. Bermuda Triangle + elemental skills + pushcart+ 4 skills slots.
Cons: Defense/HP will be significantly lower than the others. Cap 2 pet + reset = cost more than cap1.

13) Earth Penguin


Pros: Almost Pure con but its earth attributes will add luk. 5 skills slots, heal, transfer hp, desperate strike, pushcart.
Cons: No sacrifice. Other skills not entirely good. Cap 5 + reset = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, but most high lvl players would just directly use it as meat shield.

14) earth Bee


Pros/Cons: same as earth penguin.

15) GASP, Earth Mushroom.


Pros: Con + Luk + 4 skills slots + Bermuda Triangle+ pushcart + elemental skills.
Cons: Area to catch this pet might be troublesome for high lvl players. cap 2 pet = more $ den cap1.

16) Earth Lemur


Pros: Con + Luk. 4 skills slots, Heal + transfer hp + pushcart.
Cons: No sacrifice. cap3 = more than cap 1 and 2.

Meatshield/Punchbag Pets
-Same as defense/armour pets.

basically, mages/archmages only need an int pet, an armour pet and a meatshield pet.
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