List of Useful Starter / Newbie Pets?

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List of Useful Starter / Newbie Pets?

Postby Milamber on Sun May 11, 2008 8:58 am

Heya guys. Don't know if you guys have seen my "Helpful Players" thread in General Discussion, but if you go read it, you'll see what this is for. I'm trying to think of which starter pets would be best for each class, so if a completely new player to FL chooses that class, I can give them a pet to have fun with =D

I'm trying to confine the list to cap1 pets only, because paying 5,000 coins for a pet allows me to give pets to a great deal more new players than paying 40,000 - 50,000 coins for a capsule 2. If any of you guys can give me input / suggestions as to which low level (preferably cute?) pet would be best for each class, that'd be great !

Here's what I have so far:

  • Mage: Black Sheep, Earth Slug
  • Acolyte of Darkness: Black Sheep, Earth Slug
  • Acolyte of Light: Light Owl (Magic), Fire Crab, or Earth Slug
  • Swordsman / Bladesman / Axeman: Earth Slug
  • Trader: Earth Slug
  • Martial Artist: Earth Slug
  • Beastmaster: Black Sheep (Poison), Fire Crab, or Earth Slug

It looks like so far, it's Black Sheep and Earth Slug and Fire Crab :P I've been catching dozens of Earth Slugs already :lol: Any better suggestions for any of the classes?
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Re: List of Useful Starter / Newbie Pets?

Postby ExorcistLavi on Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:57 pm

Based on my own experience:

- Int Pets [throughout your whole journey]
- Armour/Def Pets [more during mages period up till lvl 5x]
- Meatshield/Punch Bag Pets [during later 5x where mobs at guru hit u like nobody's business and early archmages period and fighting boss]
*i shall ignore pking pets because i don't know how to pk :x

Int Pets

1) Most common and the ever-so reliable Black Sheep!


Pros: It's cheap[cap1] and easy to catch even if you're not a bm (provided min. cha 25 at least). Resetting is cheap. It can learn elemental skills [poison and curse] as well as goodwill, adding luk = help improve dodge. Recommended growth: 4int/lvl
Cons: Almost none, except hp too low though almost every non-con pets suffer from this. And 3 skill slots only.

2) Almost Divine Dark Owl!


Pros: almost exactly like sheep, lvl 1 cap though resetting cost a little more. Can learn elemental skills and goodwill with an extra skill sheep cannot learn: vampirism. Plus, it has 4 skill slots.
Cons: Same as sheep, even though it can vampirism, its low hp makes it almost negligible.

3) Uber Cute Dark Unicorn!


Pros: Pure int, and has 4 skills slots. Most people find it adorable. Can goodwill.
Cons: Cannot learn elemental skills, though it isn't much of a loss. Most people wouldn't send dark elemental pets to combat, except to poison and catch rare pets. Low hp. Cap 2 pet, resetting cost more.

4) For the rich starters who can afford it: Dark Spirit!


Pros: Exactly like dark owl and dark sheep: Pure Int + Elemental Skills + goodwill. Cute? 4 skill slots.
Cons: It's a cap4 pet = $$$! Not to mention, you need to reset it = $$$$$$! Good but, money factor, essentially made for the rich to use xD.

5) Under-rated Worm of the Year Dark Caterpillar!


Pros: Pure Int + Elemental Skills + Goodwill + 4 skill slots. It can learn heal on top of vampirism.
Cons: Kinda ugly. Cap 2 pet = cost slightly more than cap1.

Armour/Defense Pets:
1) No. 1 Choice Pie Aibo!


Pros: so cute! lol. Pure Con, plus it can learn all the absolute defense skills. Heal, Transfer Hp and Sacrifice.
Cons: None. Perhaps 3 skill slots only and level 2 cap + reset = cost a little more.

2) Wood Slug, ewww.

Pros: Pure Con, + can learn Heal and Transfer HP.
Cons: super ugly and gross and... 2 skills slots only. No Sacrifice.

3) Holy Wood Pet: Wood Angel.

Pros: Fusion Of Con + Luk Pet. Less defense and hp but makes up with more dodge. Learn Heal, Transfer HP and Sacrifice (the bermuda triangle). 4 skills slots, plus can learn pushcart.
Cons: Cap4 pet + reset = $$$$$$!

4) A cat can defend? Wood Leopard!


Pros: Pure Con, 4 skills slots. Can learn Heal and Transfer HP and Pushcart and Elemental Skills.
Cons: No Sacrifice skill. Cap3 + reset = cost more den cap2 pets.

5) Monkey can fly? Wood Lemur!


Pros/Cons: Exactly same as Wood Leopard.

6) Kawaii! Wood Pudding.


Pros: Con + Luk, almost like wood angel. 4 skills slots, Heal, Transfer HP , Elemental Skills, Pushcart.
Cons: No Sacrifice. Cap4 pet + reset = $$$$$$$$$!

7) GASP! The one who overpowered aibo: Wood Mushroom!


Pros: Pure Con + Can learn Bermuda Triangle (Heal, Sacrifice, transfer HP) + 4 skills slots + can learn elemental skills. cute! cap 1 pet.
Cons: Haha, it's a rare pet xD.

8) Wood Scarecrow!


Pros: Pure Con + 4 skills slots + Heal + Transfer HP. Cap1 pet.
Cons: Rare pet + other skills not very useful.

9) Earth Slime.


Pros: Free! (if you get it from newbie egg) or Cap1 pet only. Con + Luck Pet (less hp and defense, but adds more dodge). Recommended purely for armour because it can only heal.
Cons: 2 skills slots. Cannot transfer hp and sacrifice.

10) Earth Slug


Pros: Con + Luk. Cap 1 pet. Can heal and transfer hp.
Cons: 2 skills slots. No sacrifice. Ugly.

11) Earth Bomb!


Pros: Bermuda Triangle! Con + Luk.
Cons: Cap3 + reset = more more cap 1 and 2. 3 skills slots only.

12) Earth Angel!


Pros: Con + Luk but luk will be higher than con because angels tend towards luk. Bermuda Triangle + elemental skills + pushcart+ 4 skills slots.
Cons: Defense/HP will be significantly lower than the others. Cap 2 pet + reset = cost more than cap1.

13) Earth Penguin


Pros: Almost Pure con but its earth attributes will add luk. 5 skills slots, heal, transfer hp, desperate strike, pushcart.
Cons: No sacrifice. Other skills not entirely good. Cap 5 + reset = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, but most high lvl players would just directly use it as meat shield.

14) earth Bee


Pros/Cons: same as earth penguin.

15) GASP, Earth Mushroom.


Pros: Con + Luk + 4 skills slots + Bermuda Triangle+ pushcart + elemental skills.
Cons: Area to catch this pet might be troublesome for high lvl players. cap 2 pet = more $ den cap1.

16) Earth Lemur


Pros: Con + Luk. 4 skills slots, Heal + transfer hp + pushcart.
Cons: No sacrifice. cap3 = more than cap 1 and 2.

Meatshield/Punchbag Pets
-Same as defense/armour pets.

basically, mages/archmages only need an int pet, an armour pet and a meatshield pet.
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