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Apothecary Skill Guide

Postby MoonRace on Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:46 am

So you want to do Apothecary and make potions? Well, that's fine and all, but I think there's something you should know first...

THIS SKILL IS HIGHLY DEMANDING!! IT IS A FULL TIME JOB! It could very well be the most demanding skill in the game. If you're doing cooking hardcore, I don't recommend you start this unless you have multiple computers and amazing administration skills.

That said, if you still want to go through with this and see what's required of you, here we go... oh, please note also that the word "dedicated" means they at least should be in the respective guild, but not necessarily always working (but know that it sure does help a LOT if they are).

Minimum Requirements: 1 harvester, 1 farmer, 1 brewer, 1 apoth character

Recommended: 3 dedicated harvesters, 3 dedicated farmers, 1 fisher (at least lvl 100 fishing), 1 dedicated hunter, 1 dedicated brewer, 1 part time brewer, 1 dedicated apoth character, 1 AOL with Rainbow Bridge at the least

Explanation: The only two basic items that will always be needed throughout this skill are farming and harvesting. You can very well make it to 200 apoth with harvesting and farming alone, but it will take you even longer than those that have the recommended chars. Here's why...

Apoth lvl 1-15

Nothing major here. Generally, you'll need 1 to 2 different harvesting items and 1 kind of basic brewing item (vinegar).

Apoth lvl 20-30

Still easy stuff. They're just starting to require more of it. Instead of 1 or 2 of say peppermint, you're going to need 4 honey or something around that. This is where you're going to start to notice a slow down in apoth leveling because of the amount of time needed to get some basic items if you only have the minimum.

Apoth lvl 35 & 40

Now they're throwing you curve balls. This is where the potions start requiring items way out in the middle of nowhere or items that will take an overnighter to fill inventory with. Brewing items are still basic though, thankfully.

Apoth lvl 45

This is where brewing requirements stop temporarily, but, surprise! You need a lvl 25 hunting item to make this! Why? I DON'T KNOW! I'll tell you what though, staying on this item for a while is a sure fire way of leveling your hunting skill. I made 2000 of these to sell to the construction officers because they give pretty good fame and don't take that long to make.

Apoth lvl 50 & 55

Okay, now we're starting to get into upper level stuff. I stuck to the lvl 50 item for a while because 1) it was the most useful and 2) didn't require me to go to the left butt cheek of Fairyland to get something.

Apoth lvl 60 & 65

Personally, I skipped these entirely because neither of these items are pleasant to make. If your harvesting people are high enough and you have more than one, I would suggest doing the lvl 60 one only at this point.

Apoth lvl 70-75

Hey look! They want brewing again starting with the level 75 item. It actually is easy to make for a construction officer brewing item and doesn't take long to make (Vintage Shaoxing; lvl 40). But the harvesting items may have you saying, "WHY???" Oh, just fyi, the lvl 75 item will take you about 4 hours to make 160 of it. Yes, this trend does get worse.

Apoth lvl 80 & 85

In the days of Fairyland old, these were the highest items you could make and were well sought after. In fact, of the non advanced tool item pots, these take the longest to make. They require lvl 70 brewing and lvl 70 harvesting. They also weigh 50 units, so 1 stack is 1000 units of weight. You have been warned!

Apoth lvl 90-100

...And here is where you will have to get tokens to buy the advanced working tools that are required to make these items. No two ways about it unless Lager decides to put them back in game with their original durations. I prefer the lvl 100 item myself because the brewing item needs the same basic harvesting item you need to make the potion despite how heavy it is (80 units of weight). This potion is also where lvl 100 fishing is needed as well. I don't like the lvl 90 item just because it requires you to double time hunt. This is probably where you'll start asking yourself why are you still doing this as you watch the tnls start reaching off the planet for seemingly no reason.

Apoth lvl 110-130

All right... here is where Lager started to get creative some. The items here are pretty straightforward to make... for the most part. These and higher all require a wine you've never heard of before unless you've been keeping up with your brewing. Cooking Herb Wine requires that you brew the lvl 40 wine FIRST and THEN gather a harvesting and hunting item to actually make the wine it's asking you for (now do you see why I said a part time brewer may be necessary?). Rosemary Tea is simply wonderful. It requires lvl 130 farming and that is annoying as all get out, but makes sense considering what it is. I believe they should've switched Coffee Bean and Tea as far as level requrements are concerned, but that's just me. You'll need to be able to hunt Dragon Claw (lvl 110) to make this as well. All of these and higher weigh 50 units as well. You're probably noticing that the tnls are starting to leave the solar system as well...

Apoth lvl 140-165

FRRRREEEE!!! You are FREE of hunting and fishing and anything else that is not harvesting and hunting! :) It's actually pretty simple from here on assuming you have an AOL (you REALLY don't want to walk to that area of Aoba hill by yourself). You'll pretty much be confined to Momohana Village and Aoba Hill for this duration. The downside is the wine will need the basic items at a ratio of 1:2 (you need 2 harvesting and 2 farming items per every 1 wine you want to make) and, thus, limiting you to being able to make 150 at a time assuming a completely empty inventory. Most of the apoth items will be at a 1:1 ratio with the exception of 3 which will require an extra quantity of harvesting to do. This is why I recommend at least 3 harvesters. The lvl 140 potion takes 1 hour to make 20. Wonderful, no? 16x is where you can make Enhanced Str/Dex Potions (+50 for 15 mins).

Apoth lvl 170-200

Demanding. Very. Demanding. You'll need two of all basic items every time for both apoth and brewing. Con pots (+50 con for 15 mins) start at 170 and while one of the requirements for brewing says "Wine Jar", it really means "White Wine." As of the writing of this guide, I'm just shy of lvl 180. As such, I can't quite re-translate the higher items requirements just yet, but I hope by then they'll fix their translation errors. For the duration of these levels, you'll be confined to Grasha Village. Also note that it will take you a little over 11 hours to [attempt to] make 150 of the lvl 170 wine. Furthermore, it will take 3 days of nonstop working to get an inventory full of the farming and harvesting item... each, mind you. A turbo working doll is your friend! Also, if you follow the tnl to the end of its trail, you should be able see the Andromeda galaxy without a telescope! :D


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why an AOL with lvl 40 Light Magic?
A: If you're going to walk your workers to the required areas, you're going to hate it a lot I guarantee you. You can very well use one char full of tele dust and super tele dust, but that's going to get super expensive super fast.

Q: Can I use 2 harvesters and 1 farmer?
A: Sure, but you're still going to find yourself lacking when you get to lvl 140 apoth unless you keep a constant supply of turbo working dolls at hand. You'll be surprised at how quickly you use up items versus how fast you can get them.

Q: I already have 2 harvesters/farmers, but how can I make a third catch up to them?
A: Production Pro NPC in Gion near the left exit. Take the two harvesting/farming quests daily, gather the highest level item you can without getting a lot of "misses" (white messages while working), and you'll get your basic skills up pretty fast. Personally, I <3 him so much. I just wish you weren't limited to 2 quests per day seeing as how Power/Super Working Dolls aren't easily purchased as of the time of this guide.

Q: How long did it take you to get to 170?
A: Well, I didn't get serious with apoth until lvl 70. Then, I didn't use PWDs or SWDs until 163. That taken into consideration, I made lvl 170 after about 10 months.

Q: Should my apoth by higher than brewing?
A: It can be, but remember that your apoth will be limited to what your brewer can do and vice versa. No point in making lvl 150 wine if your apoth isn't 150 and you can't make 150 apoth items without the 150 wine. They pretty much depend on each other always.

Q: How should I price my stuff if I take orders?
A: That's up to you. Remember that the lvl 90+ items, at the time of this guide, require real money to get the tokens to buy the tools. Unless, of course, you find someone in game willing to sell tokens. Take that into account with the time required to gather the items and then make them.

That's all I have to say for now. If you still want to tackle this, I wish you luck and I hope you have plenty of patience. :) Feel free to ask me questions in game (do it by pigeon to MoonRace or Xenon; I tend to be AFK a lot recently).
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