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Dirty Skill Guide

Postby FerrYang on Sat Oct 11, 2008 6:04 am

Hi all,

I'm bored and I decided to write a guide and hopefully this goes to the Fairyland Archives =p

Well I think all new player should read this guide so they will understand Level is nothing without skill....

I only have 2 char which is Architecture of Light and Blademaster so this guide would most likely to serve the warrior and the diviner class.

Before, I start writting this extreme long thingy. I would love to have all the reader/user to take note of the following before posting:
- Opinion/Comment/Improvement on the guide is welcomed =)

Helpful information

Skill Exp Chart Level 1- 100
- Source Extract from http://flguide.blogspot.com/2007/11/calss-skills-exp-chart.html-

Advance Fighting Doll - Triple your skill EXP gains, 1 RL hr
Fighting Doll - Double your skill exp gains, 1 RL hr
Long Duration Fighting Doll - Double your skill exp gains, 2 RL hr

Upon clicking of doll, Game Timing System would return you with a timing the doll effect which would expired which most likely to appear this way,
End at 343/Water/40/2hr or so
Basic on time: 1 hr = 1 min
the number before hr is day which is 24min(1 day has 24 hr)
The text which appear next is every 2 month so when the element change which means(60 day is over)

Magic Skill EXP
Basically, you gain magic mp/10 (Round Down) + 1
So this is an example,
1-9 mp = 1 skill exp
10-19 mp = 2 skill exps
20-29 mp = 3 skill exps
30-39 mp = 4 skill exps
40-49 mp = 5 skill exps
50-59 mp = 6 skill exps
60-69 mp = 7 skill exps
70-79 mp = 8 skill exps
80-89 mp = 9 skill exps
90-99 mp = 10 skill exps

Do the rest of the calculation yourself :D

Equipment Training Location
When you are training on equipment skill level, you may want to find isolated areas where there are only a few elements that of course monsters are opposite of your element. You don't want to go to a place where there are 5 or 6 different elements and train skills....It's not a adequate way of training skills. Here are some of my suggestions for training your skills for warriors.

If you have a dark arm pet: Goldberg Dungeon, Western Grassland, Moonglow
If you have a Light arm pet: Genie desert, Bluebird Dungeon
If you have a Fire arm pet: Crystal Mountain, Cape of flying fish, Underground Maze, Dwarf hill

Some other alternatives that you might want to consider: Swan Lake (Dark & Light), East of Wood With No Name (Dark & Light), Bunny Playground (Metal & Water), Kars Mountain (Gold & Water), Secret Plains upper part (Metal & Earth)

Note: I(Arcane) haven't tested these alternatives but just put them up for consideration

Many credit for Arcane for providing the location list =)

Diviner Class
Useful Equipments/Item For Diviner
Advance Fighting Doll (Doesn't stack with other fighting doll)
Fighting Doll (Doesn't stack with other fighting doll)
Long Duration Fighting Doll (Doesn't stack with other fighting doll)
Str Equipments
Dreamlike Necklace
Dreamlike Ring
Dreamlike Glove
Good Potion
Good Food
+50 Str Medicine
Slave potion/food supporter

Always spam a most expensive spell(most mana) which doesnt dealt any damage to the monster and keep to 1 battle 1 magic level

Always keep a slave which can carries loads of potion and drop them around your character everytime before you end your battle. So you can pick up all the potion fast and get into another battle before the doll effect expire.

Mage add-on
I have mage friend who suggest to cast wrath of the land(WOL) to level their EC to level 50 before they could learn better Archmage spell to spam, and for this training you would just walk around or dark ritual (DR - level 40 dark magic skill) to do this training. With this, the estimated skill exp gain per hour is 3-6k skill exp.

Spam Ares on Boss - Thats all =p
Why? Ares cant kill boss

Ares Training method

Since Ares can't kill boss and upon killing boss you will end the battle and you should have level your EC.

Warrior Class
Useful Equipments/Item For Warrior
Molten Pet (Fire - Int/Int Growth)
AOL - Holy Ghost skill
Any type of fighting doll

Any Warrior
Warrior would just need to molten the monster they are killing next and with a AOL to buff them up with Holy ghost(HG).
Works for all the other skill which means if your impact does more dmg, you will level your impact skill faster

Sheild Trainning
Just wear a sheild without any other equipment and afk or keep dodge yourself in a battle of 10 monster... make sure they wont kill you =p [ Wont work once your sheild lvl is 30, since sheild strike kill monster easily]
- Please note you will only get sheild exp when the monster level is your (skill level divide 2 + 1)
etc. Lvl 30 Sheild need at least lvl 16 Monster inorder to gain exp. Why? (Lvl30/2 = 15) + 1, final number 15+1 = 16

Impact Skill Training
In this training, I was told that Impact skill is totally seperated from equipment skill. So when you use impact, you dont gain any equipment skill exp. For instance, your a Berserker and when using impact skill. You will only gain Impact Skill Exp but not Axe Skill Exp ^^

Combo Skill Training
In this training, you would increase both Combo Skill and your EQUIPMENT(Blade/Axe/Sword) skill level.

So it would be a good idea to train these skill if you have not get them to 30 for quadraple combo. Or you might want to be in the top skill list, you could feel free to continue to use this skill to train your equipment levels.

For those people who doesn't have advance skill, combo would be the recommended way of training as stated under 'Duo training' method. hehe :D

Equipment Skill Training
Under Equipment skill training, you will target in leveling in just your equipment level such as Blade,Axe,Sword Skill.

For the best skill to be used when doing equipment training would be the skill which are able to hit the most damage in a SINGLE hit. (P.S. Combo is consider 2 different hit, while triple combo is 3 hit and so forth)

Warriors will be awarded a new skill at level 60,65,70 and this new skill are the skill you need to better level your equipment levels beside using Combo or Impact skill. I have a small recommandation list down here for you.

Swordsage - Use Draco
Blademaster - Use Crit Hit + BladeWave
Beserker - Haymaker

Watts wrote:In addition, when doing equipment skill training are also influenced by your enemy's level; do 10k damage to a LV1 and a LV50, you'll get better Skill XP from the LV50. However, since LV51+ monsters have boosted defenses, you'll likely to get less weapon skill XP from those.

If, on the other hand, you're a Berserker with Haymaker, it is actually possible to train your axe skill on 51+ mobs, since you can pierce their defenses. Just bring your damage boosters (INT-molten pet, HG AoL) to a place where the enemies are weak to your element, and spam that Haymaker! Just don't try to go after anything you can't handle and you'll be fine.

Arcane wrote:Crit hit + Holy ghost > Holy ghost + Crit Hit

In additon, After you holy ghost, do regular Bless with the aol, because there is a chance that your damage will increase even more. The reason for that is because Holy ghost gives a certain level of boost to your damage, dodge and defense. Single Bless focuses on one and sometimes there is a chance to increase your damage more.

Duo Training
In additional, DuoMaxWell suggested another method of training which I would call it 'Duo Training'. :lol:

In Duo Training, You will train both your equipment skill level and Combo Skill level. In other words, you will give up the higher exp rate on plain equipment leveling through the use of advance level skill (Lvl60-70 skill) such as Draco. Since there is a minimum character level for this skill and you would most likely not getting into this level without getting all this better skill or being PLVL-ed.

SO this technique would allow those who has not get any advance skill to get the skill Quadraple combo and their level 30 equipment skill at a shorter period of time. Since this training contributes to both skill and this 2 skill you will get would most likely be the best warrior skill until you get your advance warrior skill =)

Nevertheless, if you have get your quadraple combo you can continue to use this method to get into the top combo list in emerald city, at the same time not giving up your equipment skill training

Journeyman Class
Useful Equipments/Item For Journeyman
Molten Pet (Fire - Int/Int Growth)
AOL - Holy Ghost skill
Any type of fighting doll

Any Journeyman
For Equipment Leveling would be similar to Warrior
As for skill, Please help me to fill it in any journey whos willing to help but should be just plain Fighting dolls + casting training

Trade Skill Training
Trader/MP Trade Skill doesnt work for similar target in a single battle which means if you cast any other Trade skill on the specific monster twice or more, you would only get FIRST time cast exp and for this skill, The higher the monster level the more exp you get, which more coin you throw =p

Animal Training
Low level Animal Training
Just plain afk whole night at slime maze and let your con/con pet get hit =p similar to sheild trainning

High level Animal Training
In higher level animal training, you will use advance Beastlord skill to train your animal training, Duo suggested that 'Merge' skill gives alot of exp to this training and I believe just by plain leveling would be more than enough for this skill =p. Beside almost all the token/Dreamlike Beastlord items gives you some animal skill training skill (Equipment effect).

Dodge Skill
AFK in a full monster battle or keep dodging to earn exp =)
- Please note you will only get dodge exp when the monster level is your (skill level divide 2 + 1)
etc. Lvl 70 dodge skill need at least lvl 36 Monster inorder to gain exp. Why? (Lvl70/2 = 35) + 1, final number 35+1 = 36

Credit to: MultiVira (Forum Nick), DuoMaxWell (In-game nick), Watts (In-game nick), Arcane (In-game nick) & DarkMaster (In-game nick - Testing on Archmage training method with me)
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