Creating Monster Weapons

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Creating Monster Weapons

Postby dolphpun on Thu Jul 10, 2008 10:18 am

I was asked by our forum moderator to prepare a posting for the Fairyland Archives describing the process I use to create
Monster Weapons and Armor.
I started from a forum posting titled Monster Weapon Success Stories. As this thread will be locked as soon as it gets into the archive and I want the other one alive to see what other people are doing, a new post was in order.
This is a learning process for me as well, so updates to this will be at My Website.

  • Know right off that this will not be an easy task. Even a "hard task" doesn't cover it.
  • Start producing as many of the item as you can. You will need to make a LOT of the item so expect your workskills to go into over-drive.
  • Save anything with refinement greater than 1.
  • Keep an eye out for anything that has four things in the slots. I've never seen anything more than four. It will usually be a level 0 item.
  • There are some rare stats so make sure they are all on The Refinable Stats List
  • Once you find it, it becomes your "candidate".
  • Save and refine upwards (ideally) until you have four level4, four level3, and so on down the line.
  • Sell off your rejects. You will earn lots of money, but you will need it for refinements
  • Ideally you should wait until you done the step above before you try and refine your "candidate" as a better candidate might present itself.
  • Get the biggest pet you can put on your item. Preferally not a pet you care about. refining always seems to make the element metal. For a weapon you want something with good hit and damage.
  • Rename the Pet. This is what your weapon will be called
  • Merge the pet with the weapon. This will put Hit and Damage bonuses on. If you do it before you refine, the hit and damage will raise also.
  • Once you've filled up the pyramid and merged the pet, make enough to refine your candidate into a level 1 refinement.
  • Refine up the chain until you've reached your level five.
  • Note that the item's element will become Metal. Why? I don't know. That's just the way it is, baby.
  • If you wish to use reinforcement,(cash shop item) I wouldn't go beyond level three because even level 3 is hard to get. Your choice of course.

For example...

ImageThe candidate! It was refine 1, but it had good stats.
ImageFreshly fused and named.
ImageRefine 2
ImageRefine 3
ImageRefine 4 ... this is where I gave up. :)
ImageReinforcement Gems (cash-shop)

ImageReinforce 1
ImageReinforce 2
ImageReinforce 3

With a couple experience dolls, I went from level 30 to 40 in rapid fire. Solo Working on my next weapon now...

Thank you for your time and have a great day! Come visit when you have the time.
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