Elemental Damage Tests

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Elemental Damage Tests

Postby GeminiRage on Sat Mar 29, 2008 8:59 am

For a long time, the following chart has been pretty much taken for granted.

Metal: +50% to Wood +20% to Earth
Water: +50% to Fire +20 % to Metal
Earth: +40% to Water +15% to Fire
Wood: +40% to Earth +15% to Water
Fire: +55% to Metal + 25% to Wood
Dark: +50% to Light +5% to All Others
Light: +45% to Dark +5% to All Others
Light and Dark take 5% from All Others

Recently, I learned Axe Flash and decided to test damage, but I noticed some startling similarities in damage against certain elements. Noticing something was definitely wrong in the old elemental damage table, I decided to test damage with every element. Below, you will see many pictures of various elemental matchups with Axe Flash.


Yeah, that's a lot of pictures.

Now, there are five numbers that are showing up throughout all of these pictures: 2116, 3024, 3628, 4233, and 5140. These numbers represent weak, poor, neutral, good, and strong damage respectively. But when you compare these numbers to the old damage chart from MeFisher's site, you'll notice a LOT of flaws

-Dark does just as much damage to Light as Light does to dark.
-Light and Dark seem to do the same damage to the other elements that they do to themselves (i.e metal vs. metal),
-Light and Dark seem to be taking the same damage from the other 5 elements that those elements would recieve from each other.
-"Strong damage" matchups like Fire vs. Metal seem to do the same damage as Metal vs. Wood, Water vs. Fire, and so on.
-"Good damage" matchups like Fire vs. Wood seem to do the same damage as Metal vs. Earth, Water vs. Metal, and so on.

The point I'm trying to make? The old elemental damage chart is wrong, and a new one needs to be made to reflect my findings.

Before anyone questions my data, you should know the following!
-The skill Axe Flash ignores defense and always inflicts a fixed number of damage based on my inventory damage stat and my attack element. It does the same damage to a Dark Beetle that it would do to a Black Kong to give you an idea.
-All damage was inflicted against front row enemies. Axe Flash is still affected by player and enemy positioning.
-I was using booked Level 1 pets of every element in each test (that is they all had 2 STR). They have not gained a single level during these tests (I would run from each mob after testing damage).
-My inventory damage stat was 1163, and has remained so through each test.
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