Question about Pet Color Changing

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Question about Pet Color Changing

Postby bIgWuRmIeS on Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:24 pm

Hi all, got a couple questions that I am unsure about. Hope u peeps can help me out!

1) When I change a pet's color (using decolorize or whatever its called), what's the outcome of the stats of the pet? Does it take the stats of one of the two pets used for decolorize, or just the stats of the pet I changed color?
2) If I reset a color-changed pet again, will its color remained the same?
3) If I color changed a pet that is resetted, will the stats remain?


Answers -

1. Takes the stats of one of the 2, randomly. You can only choose which, if you use a stabilizer of that element, and only Beast Lords can use those.
2. It'll remain if you use the NPC reset. Not for anything else.
3. Same as 1.
Question - So what if I color change a pet followed by a pet nutrience/lifecore/universal reset? Will the color remain the same after the reset?

Answer - Most likely not. Though you get to choose element and specie, etc. of pet in Lifecore/Universal secret merge, I believe in any merge reset you get a new pet from the two, instead of getting the same one back (like in NPC reset). You're probably better off doing your "pet nutrience/lifecore/universal secret reset" and then color (with stabilizer) the successful result.

Giving credit to compecan for the answers.
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