lvl 25+ equipment

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lvl 25+ equipment

Postby Inqeduite on Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:49 pm

Question - Can someone tell me how to get level 25 and beyond equipment? I cant find any shop selling them,
thanks in advance. :D

Answer - In the city of Port Pebbles, East of Gion (the star on the north eastern side and across the Nicholas Steppes) You can find about a dozen npcs on a street there that sell level 25-50 equipments, plus if you have the materials, the Master of Equipments can make the item for a cost. (you can find one Master of Equipments in Goldburg in the weapon/armor shop)
I would recommend going to Port Pebbles first though. (depending on how much you have to spend on equipments).

Giving credit to DuoMaxwell02 for the answer.
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