The brand new official forum is almost ready to go!

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The brand new official forum is almost ready to go!

Postby LagerNetwork on Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:49 pm

Dear all~

We have decided to transfer our official forum to mmosite for better advertisement, better management and better support. Our current forum's POSTING function will be disabled on the 2nd of Feb, however the forum will stay on as a reference database, we promise that none of the posts will be removed, and the forum will not be shut down.

What has changed

1. Forum issues, please report them directly to the mods on the forum. Help desk will no longer respond to forum related issues
2. Forum management complains, please lodge any future mod related complains to mmosite forum admin instead of help desk.
3. Suggestions and bug reports for LagerNetwork, please submit them directly to help desk.

Important things to note

1. To post on mmosite forum, please register an account with them by clicking . The forum account does not have to be the same as your current game account.
2. The new official forum will be following mmosite's forum rule, please make sure you them before posting.
3. We are unable to transfer our posts over to mmosite forum due to technical difficulty, however, please feel free to copy any valuable threads over (please make sure you have note down who the thread is originally credited to)

The new MMOSite forum address:
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