You Share, You're BANNED

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You Share, You're BANNED

Postby LagerNetwork on Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:04 pm

We have received quite a few reports of accounts being hacked and items being stolen lately. We have spent a lot of time investigating each case, and we always end up finding out the same problem. The person that "hacked" your accounts have your password all along.. they might be your clanmates, IG wife, IG husband, IG girlfriend, IG boyfriend or your best IG buddy.

As game lovers ourselves, we have always disliked the idea of locking people's account cause people have put in a lot of time/effort/money and even love into it. We will continue to chase down the person that stole your items and locked them. But from this point on, anyone who reported their accounts being hacked which turned out to be account sharing will be banned permanently as well with no exceptions.

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