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dark str/str

Postby Aequalitas on Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:50 am

how can i make a dark str/str pet with lc or us?
thx for the answers^^
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Re: dark str/str

Postby DuLLxDuLL on Sat Jan 03, 2009 9:44 am


That will teach you how to make an Str/str Pet. Just replace the Light with your dark and the use the Gem that you want to teach the skill. Lunar metal teach Triple Combo.

As for merging with LC. It's pretty much the same except without the Gem. When you merge, just make sure to remember what you pick for Maternal/Paternal.

Well. If it's still hard to Understand. I'll put it into steps here then..


Universe Merge..

Pet I want to make : Str/Str Dark Lager

Items I would needs:

Universe Secret
Fire Tiger (Cause it's str/str)
Dark Lager (Cause I want the outcome to be a Dark Lager Str/str)

Paternal: Fire Tiger (Growth)
Maternal: Dark Lager
Attribute: Dark Lager (Element)(Dark)(Maternal)
Species: Dark Lager (Cause I want it to be a Dark Lager str/str)(Maternal)
For this one you could pick (Paternal) if the pet you want the outcome to be a Tiger.
Ability: Fire Tiger (Growth)(Paternal)

After that they will ask you if you want to use a Gem to teach an Inborn skill.. Just add the gem skill that you want to the Box and merge away. OH the place the use the US is at Emerald City Pet shop.

LC Merge
Dark Lion
Fire Tiger

Paternal- Dark Lion
Maternal- Fire Tiger
Pick Options 4 "I want to inherit everything from the parent".
Attribute- Paternal (Element)(Dark)
Species- Paternal or maternal Depend on which pet you want.
Upgradability- Maternal (Growth)
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Re: dark str/str

Postby Aequalitas on Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:34 am

thx alot for the infos^^
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