Where do you get merging items

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Where do you get merging items

Postby Jonathan41 on Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:13 pm

i was wondering where u can get merging items like Life core and pet nutrients also how much would they generally cost if i wanted to buy it from another player and lastly this might be a little troublesome but i looked at the pet merging instructions on iron wolves and i didnt quite understand it so can someone tell me specifically what pets i should use if i wanted to make a dark str/str pet and how to go about it
like what lvl should the pets be what species/growth should they have which merging item should i use and how to do it basically

also i know this isnt related to pets but what does the refinement and reinforcement thing in the armory actually do to the items?
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Re: Where do you get merging items

Postby GeminiRage on Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:48 am

Pet Nutrients can be obtained from the Lucky Draw, the Solo Arena, and as a drop from certain high-leveled monsters (I'm talking LV80+).
Life Cores can be obtained from the Lucky Draw, the Clan Arena, and as a potential reward from the chests deep in the Ancient Ruins.
I wouldn't know the prices; as you can see from my signature, I don't play this version anymore.

Regarding merge mechanics... the Iron Wolves site forgot to mention a big factor in nutrient merging; unless you used a life core, a merge will generally avoid giving you pets that require a higher capsule than the pets you used.

An example: I want an apolion (Cap 3), so I merge an Earth Lion (Cap 1) with a Red Butterfly (also Cap 1). Since I'm trying to get a Cap3 pet with only Cap1s, the merge will avoid giving me the Apolion and instead give me an Earth Lion or a butterfly.
I have tested merges like this twenty-five times in the JP server. The chance of getting the Cap3 pet is either insanely low or nonexistant.

The best advice I can give for nutrient merging for a Dark arms pet is to make a merge where one of the fire outcomes is some kind of Cap4 or rare pet, so that your chances of getting the dark pet are higher than 50%.
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