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Fairyland News
Olivia Reporting


New opening celebration

To celebrate this year's summer season, Lager team wants to give you a brand new look of Fairyland official site. Also, it's a wonderful opportunity to present you a series of updates to entire JUNE ISSUE.
NOW, it's opening day for PET TOY SHOP at Fairland, and we hope you guys will be delighted to celebrate this amazing shopping season with your beloved pets and us.


Get a Pet toy for FREE between 11th and 17th of June!

9527 & 9529 has recently imported some special items from the far far away land. According to them, these are the key items needed to make a pet toy. With these special items, they wanna make some pet toys for their pets, thus why not take this great opportunity to bring the items they ask for during the set date and get one of these free special items they own!!

Event: 2v2 PK contest (postponed)

We have found a serious bug in the PK system,thus we have decided to postponed the PK event by 2~3 weeks depending how fast this issue can be fixed.
Please keep an eye on the announcement and we will post any new updates as soon as we know it.

Play the game of Scissors, rock, paper with GMs, and win a special pet!

The long waited in-game activities are finally here. Don't forget to find a NPC, 9527, to register at the Rainbow City on 22nd of June. Let's win a chance for a special pet when that day comes. Now, you don't need to spend 299 token to bring it home. Just 10 token entry fee and get a chance to win. It's worth a shot!

New arrival~ The MUST-OWN Toy Box is buy one get one free!

It's time for change! Let's get a must-own toy box for your beloved pets. This mysterious must-own toy box helps to increase your pet's attribute. So that happy pets will fight better and be stronger than before. Best of all, its buy one get one FREE from 11th of June until 25th of June.