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Fairyland News
Olivia Reporting


Christmas will be coming soon!
Fairyland is going to have two in-game X'mas events for FL members. You can earn some game items or awesome X'mas festival titles. Please keep an eye on the latest news and announcement on the FL official homepage, and be sure to look over the rules and guides before the events comeíK


Coming up: Transformation party invitation from the land of OZ
We are exciting to announce that the wonderful land of OZ is waiting for your visit. All you need to do is come alone or take your friends, lion pet, or toto pet with you on time, and our GMs will be there in the Emerald City (54,123) to transform your character into Dorothy, scarecrow, or robot for 24 hours. Come and join us~

FL's Hero~                                                                                      By: o.O
Laying in my bed as I close my eyes,Drips to a world where dream are made.
I'm just a commoner in this strange new land,With many hardships that are a wait.
Giant's creatures roam all around, As I run aimlessly through a maze.
In search of a hope that spark the strength, To brought out the hero within me.
Stepping out as I see the first new light...(To be continued...)

Striving for having game points and pay with real money?
We're excited to announce that Lager has partnered with PayByCash to offer you alternate payment options, which can be used to purchase FL game points by Cash, Check, Postal Transfer, Bank Transfer, and more. As of today, you can pay without a credit card and also receive an extra bonusíK

Let's see what PayByCash can do for you.

Let's join the land of OZ transformation party with the special Lion pets!!

After weeks of Q-pets package promotions, we're pleased to reveal our latest special pet, the Cowardly Lion of the Land of OZ, for your collection. Be sure to make your special lion prepare before we get the transformation party started.

Collect'em now!!