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Fairyland News
Olivia Reporting


Happy 1st Birthday to Fairyland
Lager has announced a great celebration for the FL 1st year anniversary on 1st of November 2008. It's been a pleasure having you all on the Fairyland during this year. Fairyland Loves you, guys~ and we are going to give away Annual Prizes for everyone! Let's start celebrating the 1st year birthday to FL already, and wish your love for Fairyland will last forever!!


Halloween event in Fairyland
Event time: 10/30~11/13
Your mission: find the "Mad Kitty" hidden in Goldburg, Bluebird, and Rainbow city to get a random ornament.
Your rewards: Halloween Hat, Halloween Ring, Halloween Ribbon, or Mysterious Firework.
Let's help Sarah to finish the Halloween decoration in time!!

How I Met Fairyland                                                                               By: Danielle
January of 2005 arrived and I decided to venture out on my own to find my next game. I discovered FairylandíKI began to spend hours on Fairyland U.S. talking to cool new people and running around to all the different places. I have so many memories of just staying up late and hanging out íKin the bankíKboy was I a bank stoneríK I was the one who was always hiding under a pile of tigers and poking people that I knew in the eyes as they passed byíK(To be continued)

Halloween reward equipment bug (updated)
If you have already exchanged your points and received a reward equipment that has uber bad stats (str:1 luk:1) don't worry!

ALL of those bad Halloween equipments will be replaced with a new one with proper stats during the next server Maintenance(Nov 6th).

FL special cute pets are available for sale now!

Over the coming months, we'll be gradually starting up our Q-Pets packages. Each week, we are going to release one exclusive special pet in the Fairy Mall. For this week's special pet, be sure to check it out at HERE

Also, don't forget to stop by the Fairy Mall, becuase we'll update it frequently with the latest Q-Pets Package...                                                                                                    Collect'em now!!