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Fairyland News
Olivia Reporting


Have you noticed that the new look of the Fairy Mall? If not, please come over and give a look with our latest promotion package. Initially, the idea of Fairy Mall tag was used for depicting the details of the game items we have released in FL. Now, we've just created a brand-new function of Fairy Mall for you, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

You can click on the Details link to find out more about how Fairy Mall can.


Coming up, the latest event is forthcoming. We would like to know the top 5 special pets in game you love the most. Each member will have one vote only for this event. The voting starts on 14th of October and ends on 20th of October 2008. All entries will receive a souvenir, transformation sandwich, for your participation. If your vote meets the final result of the top 5 popular special pets, you will win a special prize, one mysterious pet egg, as your reward. In addition, you will also be qualified win a Kulala pet by random chance¡K

My fairyland experince and how i love it                                               By: Saga
I started playing fairyland back when it was free from fairyland.my , when it came p2p i never had any money and my brother would never ever let me use his paypal to pay for it, but i needed fairyland I LOVE fairyland! I wanted fairyland!, so then it began..... I decided to make a deal, i had to become his slave for weeks upon weeks thats how bad i wanted fairyland! So I did chores around the house... I washed his car, I did the dishes I cooked his food, I even... ... (To be continued)

Have you ever talked to an NPC and realized that he/she was swearing or using inappropriate language? Well, we're trying to clean up the language in the game, so we have a new system for you to let us know which NPC it is and what you think they should say instead!

Please go to this link: http://member.lagernet.com/game/fl_debug_submit

20 free raffle tickets are here with you. Grasp a chance to win the big prize

Do you like to push your luck? In order to make your shopping experience more joyful and attractive, Lager is going to launch an exciting gaming, named Poke your Destiny for the first time buyers in FL and send 3 free giveaways for our loyal customers.

Come to join this event, and we'll provide all the different kinds of rewards for you all.

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