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Fairyland News
Olivia Reporting


Because everyone was working so hard on fighting with the evil ducks and gathering the feathers, and finally Niulang and Zhinu were being able to meet each other again. Way to go, fellows~ Here, I hope you've already received the rewards that you were looking for. Meanwhile, just want to remind you that all feathers had already been cleaned up on 4th of Sep. Thus, it's time to say good-bye to Niulang and Zhinu. I am sure that was a happy ending for you all.


A pre-announcement of the redefinition of Fairy Mall is forthcoming. We're sorry that our items list feature has made such an inconvenience to you. Thus, Lager team is going to release a new tag, named Items List, and move these items descriptions into it. Moreover, we are working on reforming the format of the Fairy Mall and Items List on the official site and making them become exactly what it sounds like. It will probably come out sometime around the beginning of October. Then, you will see all the package promotions orderly.

Pegasus                                                                                      By: Wong Shu Huan
I tried to think hard, fetching my memories, back to where I noticed the existence of fairyland. That was when I was 18, I went into a computer laboratory for one of my lessons, but I saw a girl opening the website of fairyland, on the webpage it features a pegasus with many other cute looking graphics. These cute graphics really captures my attention. After I went home, I searched for fairyland, figuring out what fairyland is about. So this is how and why I started to play my first online game.

Blue Cat: OMG~ I just bought a package from FL shop. Why the new stuffs didn't come on in it?
Pegasus: Urrr, it's impossible. Maybe your bag is out of carrying weight,my friend.
Blue Cat: How can I suppose to do to get them back?
Pegasus: You'd better clean out your bag first, and talk to the reward undertaker.
Blue Cat: Oh~ I see. Thanks pal.
Pegasus: By the way, which package you've bought anywayˇKˇK

Ultimate Master Package

The closing date of "Ultimate Master Package" promotion will end on 30th Sep. 2008.
If you haven't had one yet, act now!

Your choices: 5 PLUS Items
1) lvl 75 Kung Fu master dreamlike set
2) lvl 75 Beast Lord dreamlike set
3) lvl 75 Merchant Prince dreamlike set
4) lvl 75 Schemer of Darkness dreamlike set
5) lvl 75 Architech of Light dreamlike set
6) lvl 75 Archmage dreamlike set
7) lvl 75 Blade Master dreamlike set
8) lvl 75 Sword Sage dreamlike set
9) lvl 75 Berserker dreamlike set
1) 20 Reinforcement Gems SP (non-tradable)

2) 1 Blue Cat

3) 100,000 coins

4) 1 Capsule lvl 7

5) 5 Super Working Doll

These items will help give you the best equipments you want. Find even more great "Ultimate Master Package" at HERE