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Fairyland News
Olivia Reporting


Hi, how's going? Recently, Olivia played around in Fairyland, and I met the newbies in game, but without you! Well, I am trying to say that Fairyland misses you, guys. We really want to see you all there all the time. Actually, we are going to merge the existing four servers into one from 8th of August. And this will bring all the players together at the same time. So, it will be easier to meet friend and recruit your own clan members to play together. And these partners you met here will be lasting longer than ever!


The Chinese Valentines Day is forthcoming¡K We are going to hold a brand new event and all FLers are invited to come. The power of Love is the most incredible magic to bring two strangers together. How to help this miserable couple to meet each other again is the most significant issue right now. There's no time to waste. They are waiting for the help! Your mission is to fight for the evil lord and complete the task. Their happiness is in your hands ¡K Come to join the salvation action and obtain a treasure box between 31st of July and 14th of August.

FL Article: A story of two sisters                                              By: FlawedBeauty
Two sisters sit side by side. Holding hands and tossing stones. Singing songs and playing games. I pick you and you, pick me. They are each others favorite and each others favorite company. The oldest stands tall with long blond locks, & when she smiles the sun appears. She leads the way and away they go, into the unknown world up ahead. As for the younger of the pair, she is small with hair dark as night. When she smiles there is a spark. Her eyes grow wide......

Little reminder: I would like to re-iterate our game terms and conditions to all FL members.Here's a quick brief review of the policy violations.
1) Do not share your account info to any third party
2) Macro users and AFK users will be banned without prior notice.
3) Do not spam or use any abusive behaviours in game.
If any violations have been reported, we will be forced to put your character in jail for 7 days or even permanent ban the users' game account.

Ultimate Master Package

Excited about getting you to have the most valuable set of dreamlike outfit (lvl 75) along with plenty of other neat items; we embark on our biggest special package ever for the high level players from today until the end of September.
Your choices: 5 PLUS Items
1) lvl 75 Kung Fu master dreamlike set
2) lvl 75 Beast Lord dreamlike set
3) lvl 75 Merchant Prince dreamlike set
4) lvl 75 Schemer of Darkness dreamlike set
5) lvl 75 Architech of Light dreamlike set
6) lvl 75 Archmage dreamlike set
7) lvl 75 Blade Master dreamlike set
8) lvl 75 Sword Sage dreamlike set
9) lvl 75 Berserker dreamlike set
1) 20 Reinforcement Gems SP (non-tradable)

2) 1 Blue Cat

3) 100,000 coins

4) 1 Capsule lvl 7

5) 5 Super Working Doll (non-tradable)

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