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Firstly, we would like to congratulate the winners of FL wallpaper/signature designers and thank all of the participants who took the time implementing these excellent creations. Now, click [Link to us] menu and free to download.
Besides, we know most of you probably haven't seen our banner ads on some popular game sites. Considered you would like to be able to get some gathering of these amazing Banner Collection and the contest's art works.So we got a surprise for ya. Head over to find out more!


Coming up, the latest event of FL freelance recruitment is up and looking forward to receiving more exclusive articles from you! If your article has been chosen, it will be posted on FL newsletter and displayed on the FL forum where is a place to advertise your interests, hobbits, or your real life stories to other FLers.
What's more? How about getting an unparalleled pet-shape magnetic doll and gaining reputation by becoming the tiptop FL freelance? Get to know today's FL star, take a look belowíK

A cup of tea                                                                                                By Aisuu
I walked in to the pastoral cafe,And seated next to the window.
With I sigh, I took a sip of my latte,and looked out the window with sorrow.
Recollecting those precious memories we have shared,
Like the time when I fell and you carried me.
ItíŽs been three years since we last met, do you still care? I sighed and looked down at the empty cup.........................

Once again, tips for your game account's safety. All FLers are strongly advised to refuse the request of your personal information and any disclosure to third party. It may be taken against your account for any reason. Moreover, please report any personal spam and vulgarity to us. These impolite fellows should be punished for violating game policy.
If someone ever asks you to give them your game account info, please disregard this request and report it to us. Let's fight against these scammers!

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In order to make your first journey in Fairyland much smoother and joyful, we have some useful game items ready to satisfy your requirements, we are going to offer you a new kind of shopping experience. Wanna advance your lvl and explore more fun by having these items? You'd better hurry! They are on sale only in this special summer season before the end of Augest!
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Healing Potion*5 10000 Coins
Random Transformation Potion Durable EXP Doll (Non-Tradable)
Mysterious Egg Super Working Doll
Health Card Town Portal*20
2 Reinforcement Gems sp (Non-Tradable) A set of working tools