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Fairyland News
Olivia Reporting


Welcome to the first edition of FL newsletter. I'm Olivia, bringing you all the latest news on Fairyland. From this point on, I will provide you with comprehensive run-down of useful info on such matters as hottest events, updated items, and upcoming events, special promotion etc. What's more? Hehe..just keep on reading and you won't miss out!
And lastly, I wish you all will have an indelible and memorable journey in the wonderful FL tales.


We sincerely invite you to be our judge to participate in wallpaper/signature design contest poll, which will be hosted in the special event forum during this week. Fairyland will be opening a public contest and providing a new webpage that will allow the winners to stream their creations as the best representative for others to watch and download.
All players are welcome to cast your vote for the tiptop creations. Let's vote for your favorite now!

Coming up! I'm going to show you a glimpse of upcoming event, Event Master Recruitment. If you are community oriented, passionate and positive, you could gain an exclusive prize only available for your achievement. Even if you are not selected as host of the year, you won't come out a loser. By being your sponsor, Lager will give you exclusive rewards. So you have nothing to lose!
Are you excited about getting others to indulge in a variety of in-game activities? Are you an unparalleled event planner? We'll see~

Lager is always looking for ways to satisfy your desires and adhere to make the game more fun. We've added variety of special items, like dolls, tuners, and pet related items. Also, Master of Equipment, Refinement and Reinforcement are now released in game. We've got them here in Fairyland, and thrilled to increase more new items in coming months.
Don't forget to take a look the remarkable breakdowns of the latest updated items from the weekly maintenance. Let's get right into it...

Super Value Newbie promotion! Unbeatable price to meet all you needs.

As you may know, we've added one more payment option for all FLers to purchase game points by paying with credit card or PayPal and also you will get more bounus points for your selection. Now, Lager Shining Box is launched and allows you to claim your special in game gift! Click PAYMENT menu now to get more bonuses!

For USD 30.00 you get 10 reinforcement gems sp
For USD 50.00 you get 18 reinforcement gems sp